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What I still enjoy the most after many years in advertising is the moment when you immediately know after you have come up with an idea, that this is the idea that will fly. Goosebumps. An adrenaline rush that shoots through your veins to compete with Jos Verstappen. The smile you can't get off your face for a while. Going home, usually late, and knowing it's the best.


Waking up the next morning and still feeling it's a great idea.


But that's usually where it starts. Because even though you know for sure that this idea is the idea that makes everyone in the world choose brand A instead of B, it usually takes quite a bit of effort to make everyone see that.


But that too is part of the game. Having your story so boarded up that no one can poke a hole in it anymore. Because if it's a really good idea, really really good, and your story is as good as the idea itself, then you can't go wrong.


As long as I still want to shout from the rooftops every now and then that everyone can stop slogging because the best idea has just been conceived, that's how long I'll keep walking around as an advertising creative.


I come up with media independent concepts, write a lot of copy, also work as a designer and I obtained my reach truck certificate just under a year ago. So I can also get pallets of a height of 10 meters, if necessary.


For all kinds of communication, call +31 6 34 04 70 74 or email and I'll be in touch.

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