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Museum van de Geest, located in Haarlem and Amsterdam, tells you everything about the wonders of our brain. About mental illness and free thinkers, but you also get the opportunity to examine your own brain. Especially in Amsterdam there is room for art made by people with a mental challenge. For the museum I am mainly involved as a designer, with a conceptual edge here and there. Below are some examples.

This silent video (nothing wrong with your audio) was shown in the Amsterdam Metro as part of a promotion campaign for the exhibition 'Democracy' by curator Duran Lantink and many others.

A2 poster Democracy groter beeld.png

An A0-sized poster to promote the exhibition

Display Foyer Marlene Dumas.jpg

A poster I made for the Marlene Dumas exhibition

App de museumgids whatsapp groen en qr.png

A sticker, placed on various walls in the museum that reminded people that they could send a whatsapp to the museum guide if they wanted to know more about a subject.

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