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On this page you'll find more work I did over the years, not specified in any particular order

For the dutch cooky brand Verkade, we came up with the idea, that you can't actually do anything, without a cooky of Verkade. This is an example of the many (mostly social) video's Verkade made, to bring that message across.

for KFC we invited the customer to show us where they are good at. And we showed their video's on television. The voice-over says something like: 'Wow, that one is good at ..., but we are good too, with chicken!'

Hertog Jan is a beer brand, that is very fond of their own unique brewing principles. But now, they came up with a Ratler, which didn't feel very familiar for the brewers. So they called it: Bastard.

Werkspot is an online platform where people can offer their renovation jobs. Construction workers, plumbers, electricians and so on make a quote for the job. The customer can then choose from different offers. The strategy behind this commercial is that it is better to have it done than to keep trying to do it yourself.

The Dutch are famous for bringing their own food when they go on holiday. As did this family, who apparently brought their own 'Knijpkanjer' (a big bottle of mayonaise or ketchup) to a French restaurant.

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