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Together with Chris Muyres I make infographic city posters, postcards, birth announcements, name posters and much more. Everything based on the periodic table of the elements, as you remember from chemistry class. Available to order at

A3 Gouda def.jpg
Roermond opzet.jpg
Ffm def.jpg
Stuttgart voor site.png
Baby Bingo UK 680x480 PeterPrint.png

Baby Bingo. A poster with all possible 'firsts' of your small one in the first year. You can fill in the date, the mess it made, the fun you had and such. And at the end of the year, you've got bingo!

Geboortekaart Sef versie 1-1.png
opmaak geboortekaart Laure-1.png

2 of the many birthday cards we were very happy to make for new parents.

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